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Olivella Shell Bead Necklace

This is a very unique Olivella shell bead necklace with effigy pendant. This is a rare South Texas find. The necklace measures 20" long total & has approximately 120 beads
Item# BS0033
price: $375.00



Shell Bead Necklace

All of these shell beads were found at the same site in Zapata County, TX. The necklace measures 17.5" long total. There are approximately 116 beads measuring 1/2" each.
Item# BS0032
price: $450.00



Paint Bowl

Here is a really cool paint bowl with red ochre/paint still inside! The piece of ochre was also found in a cave. It was found in West Texas & measures 3  1/4" long x 3" wide.
Item# BS0030
price: $150.00



Abraiding Stone

This is a really nice abraiding stone. It was found in South Texas & measures 3  3/4" long x 1  1/4" wide.
Item# BS0029
price: $100.00



Etched Stone

Here is a double-sided etched stone that shows nice use ware. It was found in an archaic mound in Kerr County, TX & measures 4" long x 2  1/8" wide.
Item# BS0027
price: $150.00



Grooved Maul

This is a fine East Texas half grooved maul that is super polished. It was found in Camp County, TX & measures 3  3/4" long x 2  1/4" wide.
Item# BS0026
price: $300.00



Grooved Axe

Here is a beautiful hard stone 3/4 grooved axe that is very well made. It was found in Arkansas. It measures 5  3/8" long x 3" wide.
Item# BS0024
price: $300.00



Anasazi Grooved Maul & Axe

Here are 2 super pieces from the 4 corners area on a site on private property; they were found together. The maul measures 5  1/2" long x 2  3/4" wide. It's fully grooved and made from a granite type material. The axe measures 4  7/8" long x 2  1/4" wide. It's fully grooved and shows lots of use ware.
Item# BS0023
price: $350.00 (for both)



Incised Stone or Calendar Stone

This was found in Kerr County, TX by the late Rick Sparkman. Special double grooved; rare. It measures 3  1/2" in diameter.
Item# BS0022
price: $225.00



Boat Stone

Here is an absolute killer of a boat stone. The material is a semi translucent calcite. It was dug in Goliad County, TX off the San Antonio river & measures 4  1/8" long x 1" wide.
Item# BS0017
price: $1,850.00 $850.00



Anasazi Bone Awl

Here is an awl that was dug on a private ranch in the 4-Corners area (AZ, CO, NM, UT). It's a polished killer. It measures 8" long x 3/4" wide.
Item# BS0016
price: $500.00 $250.00



Abraiding Stone

Here is a really cool & rare abraiding stone from the Atascosa County, TX sand pit. It has small notches around 3/4 of the edge. It's made of sandstone & measures 3  5/8"L x 2  1/2"W x 1/2"D.
Item# BS0014
price: $225.00 $100.00



Quartz Celts

These are rare Texas Hill Country quartz Celts. These were both found by me on Wolf Creek around the Kerr/Gillespie County, TX line. We were hunting a plowed field finding bird points, quartz manos & these 2 Celts. They have been in my collection for 20 years. The long one measures 3  13/16"L x 1  3/4"W x 7/8"D. The small one measures 3  1/4"L x 1  5/8"W x 1"D.
Item# BS0011
price: $1,850.00


Green Bead/Pendant

This is a very unique piece with use-wear and polish. The material looks slate/sepentine. It was found in South, TX & measures 1" x 0.75".
Item# BS0010
price: $100.00


Abraiding Stone

This is a super example of an abraiding stone made of limestone/flint. Found in 1966 by Kelly Morris in Harper, TX (Kimble County). It measures 2.5 x 2".
Item# BS0008
price: $250.00


Calendar Stone

This is the finest calender stone I've ever owned & I really don't want to sell it. It is double-sided, which is rare. It was found off Wolf Creek in Gillespie County, TX. It measures 3.63 x 1.75".
Item# BS0007
price: $1000.00 $500.00


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