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22 piece Texas Panhandle Collection

Here is a super extreme North Texas Panhandle collection. Super Toyhas along with some very nice Angosturas. Other types include; Gary, Ensor, blade type & others. The longest piece measures 2  3/4" long x 3/4" wide.
Item# C0107
price: $350.00



Colorado Agate Collection

This is a super 15 piece agate collection. They were all found by one man who hunted arrowheads extensively in Colorado. All types are made of super quartz/agate materials. The longest piece measures 3  1/2" long x 2  1/8" wide.
Item# C0104
price: $200.00



Rootbeer/Quartz Collection

Here are some killer translucent pieces from East, South & West Texas. The blade has excellent work & measures 3  1/8" long x 1  1/4" wide. The flake knife is agatized wood. There is a super walking man Frio, the San Patrice is sugar quartz & bird points are super West Texas agate. The Waco sinker meaures 2  1/2" long x 1  1/4" wide.
Item# C0103
price: $400.00



60 piece South Texas Collection

This 60 piece collection has a lot of that classic glossy black South Texas flint. Types include; Tortugas, Bulverde, Marshall, Castroville, Ensor, Langtry, Darl & more. The largest piece measures 3  1/8" long.
Item# C0102
price: $225.00



10 piece West Texas Collection

Here is a nice affordable West Texas collection. Other types include; Langtry, early triangular, Toyah, Scallorns, Pizzano, Washita & others. The Friday blade measures 4  1/4" long x 2  1/8" wide.
Item# C0101
price: $225.00



Cave Perishable Collection

Here is an extensive cave persihable collection that was found in the Texas Trans Pecos region. All of them were excavated on a private ranch. The collection includes; fire starter bundles, 7 bone awls (one was glued), 2 super engraved bones (one is drilled), one engraved antler, various cortage examples, 3 points - Shulma, triangular & quartz point, 2 hafted notched scrapers, 9 drilled beads, one notched piece of shell, one broken & 2 shell gorgets, one drilled stone button, 2 drilled shell fragments, one arrow shaft with the foreshaft sharpened, one long drilled shell bead, stone with 2 drilled holes & misc. The arrow is 30" long.
Item# C0100
price: $600.00



Garza Points & Pendant Collection

Here is an awesome 7 piece Garza point collection. There is also a pendant that measures 1  1/4" diameter. The largest point measures 1  1/4" long x 1/2" wide.
Item# C0097
price: $250.00



Colorful West Texas Collection

Here are 5 nice colorful West Texas pieces. Types include; Pedernales, Nolan & stemmed types. The largest point measures 3" long x 7/8" wide.
Item# C0096
price: $60.00



West Texas Collection

Here is a 5 piece early Archaic collection from West Texas. Types include; Martindale, Dalton, Gower & early triangular. The largest point measures 2  3/8" long x 1/2" wide.
Item# C0095
price: $50.00



Paleo 4 piece Collection

Here are some affordable Paleo & early points from East Texas. Types include; Angostura drill, early triangular, possible Dalton varients or even St. Mary's Hall. The largest point measures 2  3/8" long x 7/8" wide.
Item# C0093
price: $150.00



East Texas 4 piece Collection

Here is a nice 4 piece early group from East Texas. Types include; Hoxie, early triangular, San Patrice & Dalton varient. The largest point measures 2  1/4" long x 7/8" wide.
Item# C0092
price: $150.00



East Texas Paleo Collection

Here are 4 very nice Paleo points from East Texas. Types include; Angostura, white Dalton classic, Dalton varient & small Scottsbluff (former Bill German piece). The largest piece measures 2  5/16" long x 1" wide.
Item# C0091
price: $250.00



12 Bird Points & Pendant Collection

This is an awesome collection from West Texas. Includes a pendant made of pottery, measuring 1  13/16" diameter. There are also 12 nice bird points, including; Scallorns, Star, Garza, Toyha, Deadman & others. The largest bird point is the pink Scallorn that measures 1  11/16" long x 1/2" wide.
Item# C0089
price: $400.00



7 Piece Archaic Collection

This is a super group of Archaic points. There are 2 Dwain Rogers COA points from Central Texas. The Friday* measures 4  1/8" long x 2  1/6" wide and the Marshall* measures 1  13/16" long x 1  5/8" wide. The other Archaic types are; Darl, Marshall, Friday & Lange and were all found in the Texas Hill Country.
Item# C0088
price: $400.00*



5 Bird Points & Shell Necklace Collection

There are approximately 100 tiny shell beads in the necklace, measuring 8" long (not including new strung sinew). There are 5 Bird Points, types include; Toyah, Perdiz, Bulbar stemmed & Scallorn. The necklace & bird points were all found in West Texas. The longest point measures 1  1/2" long x 5/8" wide.
Item# C0086
price: $350.00



2 Scallorns & Bone Fish Hook Collection

Here is a rare bone fish hook found in West Texas & measures 1  7/8" long. There are also 2 killer Scallorn point, both with fine serration. The longest point measures 1  5/8" long x 5/8" wide.
Item# C0085
price: $350.00



West Texas Collection

This super West Texas collection of beads, bird points & awls were all found by one man in the same area of West Texas. The necklace is 18" long & the beads measure approximately 1/4" & drilled. The bird point types are; Toyha, Washita, Perdiz, Edwards, Star & Scallorn. The large point is a Cara Cara & measures 1 7/8" long. The awls measure 4  3/4" & 5  1/4" long & drilled. The pendant is very nice greenstone, drilled & measures 5/8" x 1/4".
Item# C0083
price: $1,500.00



Alaskan Scrimshaw Collection

This vast incredible Alaskan Scrimshaw collection was all found by one man during his time in Alaska. I had the collection verified last year at the Temple, TX Show. It was appraised in the $10,000 range. This collection contains a little bit of everything. It contains various harpoons & toggles, some are engraved & still have hafted points; either slate or metal. There is also ulu knives, ivory figurines, walrus penis handle, various effigies, arrowheads & harpoon heads, handles, breast plate sections, needles, awls & much more.
Item# C0081
price: $8,500.00

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